Leedee-Tox Peach Jelly

MYR 65.00

Info Product : 

Leedee-Tox Peach Jelly is rich with FIBER taste Peach Jelly. As one of the most popular fruits in the world, Peach has a reliable source of nutrients such as Vitamin C

- 10 sachet (120g)

- Peach Flavour

Ingredient :

- Mix Peach Juice, Acai Berry extract, Raspberry Ketone, Garcinia, African Mango Extract, Green Tea extract, R.O water, Stevia, Black Turmeric extract.

Benefit :

Detox 1 time only, Support Digestion, Improve Mood, Burn Stubborn Fat, Energy Booster, Good for Healthy Skin.

Direction : 

Take 1 sachet Jelly before bed


- Recommended for 15 Year Old Above only

- Not recommended to pregnant women, Chronic Diseases (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertention, etc)